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Games and Other Amusing Programs.

A collection of game and other programs written in BASIC-256 for you to look at, learn from, and change around. Don't just play a game but make it your own. P0wn the game.

aceyducey.kbs 2010-11-15 Play the high-low classic card game against the house.
crap_shoot.kbs 2010-11-16 Shoot some craps (dice) make some money.
cubepuzzle.kbs 2010-05-24 Flattened cube puzzle with geometry and play like a Rubik's Cube.
hamurabi.kbs 2010-05-06 Translation of one of the first SIM type of games from the early 1970. A real text based classic.
maze.kbs 2010-05-06 Generate mazes.
maze2.kbs 2010-05-06 Generate a maze and then get the dot out in the fewest moves.
peg.kbs 2010-05-06 Play the classic "Hi-Q" game of jumping the pegs over each other.
sst.kbs 2010-05-18 Super Star Trek - The classic mainframe game - totally rewritten in BASIC256.
traffic.kbs 2010-05-07 Traffic Jam puzzle - slide cars about until you get the red car into it's parking space.
wordsearch.kbs 2010-05-07 Generate word search puzzles from a list of words.
Graphics and Animations
dragon.kbs click to see full the dragon 2010-12-20 Draw a Heighway Dragon curve.
levyc.kbs click to see full size Levy Curve 2010-12-20 Draw a Levy C curve.
spiralfoo.kbs 2010-10-01 Draw a mandala of random geometric shapes and colors.
vortexofdoom.kbs 2010-07-05 Stare into the swirling abyss with this animated graphic.

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